Any country where our hearts lead

In considering what it means for our hearts to change, I believe it’s vital to remember that we do not control our changes of heart.   We do not lead and direct our hearts; our hearts lead us.

Consider, for example, what it means to “fall in love” – that is, fall into romantic love with another person.  Listen to our language around this.  We say:  “I fell in love” or “She stole my heart.”  And if the romance ends, we say:  “I was heartbroken.”  This is all language for things happening to us we do not control and often do not even expect.

The same is true for positive, integrating changes of heart we might consider to be religious or spiritual experiences.   I can prepare myself, and be open to positive transformation.  And with all that, my heart will change in its own time, and differently than I might expect.

” .. you can travel any country where your heart leads, and know that I will love you still ….”

Fred Small,  “Everything Possible”

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