Cherish Celebrate Delight

Dr. Sharon Welch writes: “The ground of challenging injustice is gratitude, the heartfelt desire to honor the wonder of that which is; to cherish, to celebrate, to delight in the many gifts and joys of life.”

I agree with her.  And I go beyond this.   The cherishing, celebrating, and delighting she speaks of are an essential part of our lives in general and our religious lives in particular.

I am not saying we should be grateful, but rather that we can do lots of cherishing, celebrating and delighting with a good heart and clear conscience.

Some people have the false idea that that a religious life is full of guilt and somber thoughts. Yes, there is room for choosing our pleasures and making sacrifices for those we love.  These choices and sacrifices are part of the balance of a mature and vibrant life.  But we can weave the cherishing, celebrating, and delighting into the cloth of our lives as well.

Our radical hope depends on this combination.

I hope and pray for a better world where all – ourselves and others – enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday living.

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